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Portfolios for each profile

Fixed Income

If you don't want to invest in stocks but are looking for a steady income with controlled risk, this is the portfolio for you. Moderate growth with a short-term horizon.


If you don't want to have higher risk, and are looking for medium-term investments, this is the portfolio for you. Modest returns with very low risk.


Are you an investor looking for moderate growth with some volatility over a medium-run horizon? This is the right portfolio for you.

Bar chart

Grow with this portfolio of medium volatility and a long-term horizon.


Maximize your long-term growth by investing in the stock market with this portfolio with minimal exposure to fixed income assets.

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Long Horizon UCITS ETF Family

Ideal for investors looking for a simple and effective option to start investing in a globally diversified way. It is also and excellent option for investors that for tax purposes prefer to have a more passive portfolio solution.

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Target Allocation UCITS ALL Accum ETF Family

A sophisticated and active option for investors seeking returns through geographic and financial instrument diversification. These portfolios are designed to provide investors with global diversification across sectors and countries to take advantage of return opportunities in both debt and equity securities. They are rebalanced quarterly to capture returns based on the global macro financial situation.

BCP Global
Target Allocation ESG UCITS ETF Family

For investors who consider sustainability criteria to be key in their investments. These globally diversified portfolios pursue an optimal long-term return according to the investor's expected risk, considering ESG criteria and sustainability in investment decisions. Exposure is given to companies with strong ESG characteristics, while maintaining similar risk and return goals to traditional portfolios. All portfolios have holdings in globally diversified assets and are subject to quarterly strategic rebalancing. Why ESG? Companies with high ESG scores have shown better performance with lower risk and cost of capital. In addition, companies with higher ESG profiles are subject to less variability in earnings.

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Multi-Thematic ETF Strategy

This portfolio provides investors with the opportunity to invest in sectors and countries that benefit from structural changes in global dynamics: megatrends. It offers exposure to different themes identified by BlackRock as those that will impact all companies in one way or another and that will modify the current dynamics of the global economy. Some of these themes are:

The primary goal of this portfolio is to pursue long-term performance by continuously analyzing short-term indicators, to take advantage of opportunities with a shorter time horizon. These indicators may signal necessary changes in the portfolio's composition by maintaining a strategic exposure to different sectors and countries that benefit from structural changes in global dynamics.

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