Grow your client portfolio quickly and efficiently

Turn your business interactions into effective relationships based on deep customer knowledge and a frictionless, fully online and automated process. Offer your Latin American clients a complete digital financial solution in dollars, through our One App, so they can save, invest and plan their finances in the United States from the comfort of their home in a simple and transparent way.

Tax efficient and globally diversified investment model portfolios, built with BlackRock and managed by BCP Global, with minimums starting at USD 20,000.

Trading account for the purchase of shares of your client's choice.

Loans at very competitive rates, for amounts up to 70% of the client’s portfolio, with immediate access and no paperwork.

Life Insurance

Life insurance to protect their families in case of any eventuality, is vital in family estate planning.

Open your account

Our platform digitizes the advisor-client relationship and ensures:

  • Fast online account opening and approval in a matter of days.
  • A simple APP from which your clients can self-manage.
  • Personalized service and technical support for our advisors and their clients.
With a POWERFUL BACKEND for an efficient and simple management of your client base.

Virtual assistant - Beta Version